Kristin Smith
Kristin Smith
Kristin Smith

Dirty Little Secret: Kristin Smith Rides Bikes with Soil Saloon

We’re all lined up at the start, awaiting the pop of the gun. You could call us a peloton, in as much as we are a group of riders huddled […]

Sparse's front Fixed Bike Light is seamlessly integrated into the bike. 

Sparse Illuminates the Way in Bike Design

Industrial designer Colin Owen has a single focus these days: reduce the design impediments to urban biking. On sabbatical from his teaching job at CCA, Owen is now working full […]

Oakland teen poses with his scraper bike

Scraper Bike Movement Transforming Bikes and Lives

How do you keep at-risk Oakland youth from getting into trouble and staying in school? Tyrone Stevenson, aka “The Scraper King” has an answer: give them a bike, let them […]

Double Duchess, part of BYOQ's lineup. Photo by Robbie Sweeny

BYOQ Brings the Beats Back to Golden Gate Park

Over the years, this homegrown festival has grown into a full-fledged extravaganza, pulling in some of the best queer artists from California and beyond. This year’s festival features DJ’s from Ships […]

Revolights LED lights offer full side, front and rear visibility.

Innovative Bike Lights That Will Change the Way You Ride

It’s not often that a single new product transforms an entire industry. But that’s exactly what happened with Emeryville-based bicycle light company, Revolights. With a ring of LEDs, a USB-powered […]

San Francisco's Market Street has a new green bikeway.

How to Create a Network of Green Bikeways in Your City

With a little green paint, streets can be redesigned for the growing number of people choosing two wheels over four. It’s a movement that’s taking off across the country, and […]

Entry to "The Wiggle" bike route. Photo by

Five Bike Routes Every San Francisco Rider Should Know

Published on 7×7 San Francisco’s bicycle network makes up hundreds of miles of city streets. These are the streets the City has deemed best for biking. San Francisco bike routes […]


Ten Things Every San Francisco Bike Rider Should Know

Pump up your tires, because tomorrow is San Francisco Bike to Work Day, the biggest bike day of the year. If you’re a newbie dusting off your housemate’s old Schwinn from […]